I watched the videos on tension, and then I was able to knit THE BEST fabric I have ever knitted, and I am a lifelong combination knitter.  So a giant THANK YOU to Annie.

Tammy K.

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your on-line class, I got quite a bit out of it.  Its an excellent alternative to an "in person" class, your videos are very well done.

Pam R.

I'm loving doing knitting as homework! And loving the combo process, too.

Nita V.

I'm a fairly new knitter and can have a bit of a perfectionistic streak, so your encouragement is very helpful.

Bea D.

This will be my first cable I've always wanted to try them. This class is so much fun!

Lorrie R.

When I first saw you say that the combo purl used less yarn than an western purl I thought you were nuts but you went on to show it and explain that western knitters just pull the purls tighter and then I thought about it and tried it myself I could totally see what you were saying.

Erica R.

I love the techniques!

Holly S.

I love learning and being entertained at the same time!

Megan F.

I actually caught on so easy and well!! Thank you!! I have been avoiding cables for years!

Angie F.

Your videos are so easy to follow. Thank you for doing this. Makes me want to try another class when I get the hang of this!

Melissa P.

Thank you for the How To Knit Class. Although I knit, and have done so for years, I am tutoring a young woman who can't read very well and can't knit. Your videos were perfect for her as we played them again and again. She has started knitting with enthusiasm and her self-esteem rose several notches as she was able to start knitting.

Thank you again

Sharon U.

I saw you on Knitty Gritty one time and ever since have wanted to learn how you did the Combination Knitting. This gives me a taste of it and I can't wait to try it. I will have to check out your other classes!

Melissa P.

Wow! The bind off video is fantastic! You create such an even bind off. I will start doing mine the same way from now on. Thanks!

Lisa S.

You really have a gift in teaching, thanks so much - and I can't wait to take the next online class.

Robin M.