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  1. Kay

    I have always been a combination knitting since my mother taught me many years ago. I just never realized it until I started reading a lot of the knitting sites. I’ve always been able to figure out most patterns so my stitches weren’t twisted. Even the 2 color brioche pattern.
    My struggle is when I do lace and have to do a double yarn over and on the return row I do a knit and a purl in the double yarn over. The resulting stitches has a double twist in one and no twist in the second. I have purchased your book in the hopes of guidance in this instance, but it didn’t get to this detail. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Rochelle Manel

      I too am a combination knitter and want to do some lace patterns….. However I’m not sure how to wrap my yarn for a yarn over…. From front to back or from back to front…… I do have your book but can’t find the answer to my question regarding yarn overs for lace knitting…… Please advise and help…..

      1. modeknit Post author

        Hey Rochelle,

        I like to tell my students that when working a yarn over, wrap the yarn around the needle in the same direction as you wrapped the previous stitch. That usually works great. Or, as a default, you can wrap a yarn over in the same direction as you wrap a knit stitch.

        I hope this helps!


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