Twisted Float Shrug Transcripts

Transcripts of each chat will be posted here on this page.

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Previous Class Chats

  • July 4, 7pm Some feedback, hand holding, laughing and use of the nip word...
  • July 7, 7pm A very, very quiet chat.
  • July 11, 7pm Kind of a wild chat with tips on measuring to the armhole, and BEYOND!
  • July 14, 7pm A small two-person chat, but the excellent questions are NOT to be missed! Very helpful for everyone!
  • July 18, 7pm
  • July 21, 7pm Just a bit about sleeves and an idea for the join.
  • July 25, 7pm We talk some more about sizing, with a Q&A from Megan.
  • July 28, 7pm Good questions about sleeves, armholes, and a debate about colors for the edges.
  • Oct 20, 7pm The shortest chat in the world. A tip on where to place your waste yarn.
  • Oct 13, 7pm A very small and quiet chat, but a nice one

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